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Experience the power of cutting edge video brochures


Video brochures allow you to create a uniquely interactive message for your target audience. Each brochure includes full color printed binding with a color LCD screen inside. Open the brochure and your video starts automatically, or opt to press a button to start playing your custom video content. Everything required for viewing is included:

  • Full color LCD Screen
  • Control buttons
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
  • Speakers
  • Custom binding
  • USB port and cable

Choose from many options for screen size, brochure dimensions, and available colors that will allow you to create a powerful marketing tool for your business.

What are Video Brochures?

A video brochure consists of custom printed binding with an LCD screen inside. Add control buttons and upload video content to create an interactive viewing experience.

Available Features

Each video brochure comes with a color LCD screen, 3 free buttons to pause or play the message, a micro USB port with USB cable, a rechargeable battery, and a built-in speaker.

Customize Your Brochure

Specify screen size requirements (2.4”, 2.8” 4.3”, 5”, 7” or 10.1”), brochure dimensions, memory capabilities, print options, and binding. Upload one or more videos and choose as many or as few buttons as you need.

Low Quantities

Quantities begin as low as 100, with no large order requirements.

Create a Custom Brochure

Do you need something special? We offer magazine inserts, video books, point-of-sale displays, and multi-page sensor brochures. marketing tool you need to put your company uniqueness into motion.