What is the turnaround on Video Brochure Products?

Quantities up to 500 pieces have an average turnaround of 2-3 weeks from proof approval. Larger quantities usually take about 5-6 weeks in production from proof approval.

Do video business cards come with buttons?

Video business cards can have up to one button. The pricing includes this single button, however, we do not recommend using a button on a video business card.

How does a Video Brochure Products work?

An electro magnetic pulse causes the video brochure Products to play when it is opened, or if buttons are used, they can be used for start/stop, pause, rewind, fast forward, etc.

Are samples of Video Brochure Products available?

Samples can be purchased for $25-$50 per piece plus shipping depending on the size. This cost can be credited towards your first purchase.

How long is the battery life?

The standard battery has a lifetime of 2 hours and can be recharged. Upgrades for longer battery life are available.

How can Video Brochure Products be charged?

A USB cable comes with each Video Brochure Products which can be used for charging and uploading video.

Can Video Brochure Products access the internet?

Video Brochure Products do not have the capability to access the internet.

Can I upgrade to a touchscreen?

A touchscreen upgrade is available for certain sizes.

Are there things that can impact the production time on Video Brochure Products?

Certain customization can delay the production of your Video Brochure Products order. There are also certain times of year when we experience heavier volume which may have an impact on production time.

Is shrink wrapping included?

Video Brochure Products are individually shrink wrapped prior to shipping.

How much memory do Video Brochure Products include?

Standard memory is 128 M, but this can be upgraded to as much as 2 G.

What should the aspect ration of my video be?

The aspect ratio of the video will depend on the screen size. Please note that your supplied video will be converted to the aspect ration for the screen size ordered. We are not responsible for any shift which may occur in the completed video should the aspect ratio of your supplied video be incorrect. The aspect ratios for each screen size are below

  • 2.4″ screen – 4:3
  • 2.8″ screen – 4:3
  • 4.3″ screen – 16:9
  • 5″ screen – 16:9
  • 7″screen – 16:9
  • 10.1″ screen – 16:9