Video Brochure Products Get your Message in the Right Hands

Online videos average 4 billion hits every single day. Now, you can put that power to work in your print media campaign as well. A Video Brochure Products combines digitally enhanced video content with an interactive format to draw your customers in. Using interaction, digital technology, and video’s documented success rate, your video brochure Products will engage your audience in a way you never thought possible or affordable. Video marketing is beginning to dominate how messages are delivered on the Internet

The Power of Interaction

Video Brochure Products draw the viewer in, and have been proven to increase marketing effectiveness by:

  • Implementing a multi-media strategy
  • Bridging the gap between online and off-line marketing
  • Creating long-term brand loyalty
  • Enabling customers to choose their preferred viewing experience
  • Focusing attention on features most relevant to the customer


With Video Brochure Products, you can use a mixture of buttons and multimedia to create an unforgettable experience that enhances the power of printed marketing tools and makes the most of every marketing dollar.

The Impact of Video

The combination of video and print creates a more powerful message than print media alone. According to studies:

  • 80% of people prefer watching video to reading text. You are probably one of them.
  • 70% more information gets retained after watching a video as opposed to reading text.
  • Engagement rates increase by 75% when people watch a video in its entirety.
  • Approximately 46% of people indicate an increased likelihood of looking for additional information about a product after watching a video.
  • In a 2011 study, 52% of marketers used some kind of video in their presentations and at least 70% of them believed it was effective.


Video is effective in ways that a simple print message simply cannot be.

How Video Brochure Products Strengthen Marketing

When your customers open a custom Video Brochure Products, you harness the power of interaction, digital technology, and video in one unique presentation. In any industry, video brochures offer unprecedented opportunities to connect with potential clients by bridging the gap between online and print marketing.

Why Digital Matters

Every Video Brochure Products includes a built-in digital LCD screen. Why digital? Research demonstrates that digital content is:

  • Cost-effective
  • Convenient
  • Fast
  • Versatile
  • Current


In addition, your digital video will increase your return on investment by creating a connection with your target audience using the powerful video format. You can tailor your digital presentation to reach diverse audiences more effectively by simply uploading a different video using your USB cable.